Tuesday, 10 March 2009

THE MASTER KEY - Anthony Walmsley.

Reflections on the underlying matrix
of Taijiquan practice."
Published privately, 2006.

Paperback. 260 pages.
Format 21 x 29.7 cms.

PART ONE. Page 007.
The Matrix.
Chapter One. Horizontal and Vertical. Page 008.
Chapter Two. Breakthrough. Page 013.
Chapter Three. The Three Methods.
The Five Elements. Page 022.
Chapter Four. Reeling The Silk. Page 039.
Chapter Five. The Mind Method. Page 063.

PART TWO. Page 069.
Breathing Techniques and Self Massage.
Chapter Six. Breathing Techniques. Page 071.
Chapter Seven. Breathing Techniques
and Self Massage. Page 075.

PART THREE. Page 086.
Taijiquan as a Martial Art.
Chapter Eight. Defense of the Self. Page 087.
Chapter Nine. Tui Shou. Page 091.
Chapter Ten. YinYang Symbol Tui Shou. Page 098.
Chapter Eleven. Soft Focus. Page 113.
Chapter Twelve. Fa Jin. Page 118.
Chapter Thirteen. Focus Mitts. Page 124.
Chapter Fourteen. Power Training Methods. Page 128.
Chapter Fifteen. Tired. Page 135.
Chapter Sixteen. The Old Man. Page 138.
Chapter Seventeen. What’s the Point? Page 146.
Chapter Eighteen. Xiao San Shou. Page 157.
Chapter Nineteen. Xiao San Shou Applications. Page 179.

PART FOUR. Page 214.
Internal Energy.
Chapter Twenty. Qi?. Page 215.
Chapter Twenty One. A Word of Warning. Page 221.
Postscript. Page 226.

Thumbnail Formats. Page 227.
Acupuncture Charts. Page 244.
Workshops. Page 255.
Bibliography. Page 260.